Wedding Packages

All of the wedding packages include set-up and knock-down on the “day of“.

All decorating is on a RENTAL only basis. Additional charges would apply if the client wishes to PURCHASE (keep) the decorating elements.

Each packages has a BASE price, and are set up for specific numbers of guests. Additional elements over the maximum for the package will be calculated separately and added to the base price.

Rehearsal and "Day of" Co-ordination


                      Details and Pricing

Package # 1         $500.00

       For a maximum of 100 guests

                 Details and Pricing

Package # 2        $800.00

       For a maximum of 150 guests

                 Details and Pricing

Package # 3       $1100.00

       For a maximum of 200 guests

                 Details and Pricing

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Wedding Packages
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