Why hire a Wedding Planner ?

When thinking about planning a wedding everything can seem very over-whelming !!


The average cost of a wedding, in Canada, in 2006 was between $17,000 and $30,000 and took

approximately 250 hours to plan.


This should be a joyous time for you and your families … not a time filled with worry and stress.

By hiring a wedding planner you will have a wealth of information and experience to rely on.

As well as a wide range of vendors, unique ideas and creative, detail oriented know-how.

Thus cutting your planning time from 250 hours down to about 50 hours.


The “large” details of wedding planning appear to be quite simple, however it is the “small” details

that may make the difference between the perfect orchestration of the wedding of your dreams

and a day full of issues and problems. A wedding planner can put together all of the large and

small aspects of the perfect wedding, and taking care of any issues that do arise. Without the

stress of being personally involved, a planner can make sure that everything is covered and

nothing is missed. An experienced planner will keep you organized and on-track, without the

pressures of planning the wedding added to your everyday life. Their experience also allows

them to review vendor contracts to make sure that you are staying within your budget, and

offer suggestions along the way to save you money whenever possible.


                           Choosing a professional to assist you in the planning of your

                          wedding should not be a stressful experience.


When you meet with a potential planner, the number one thing is … you should feel comfortable

with them.


                         Follow your instincts … if you are not comfortable on your first meeting …

                                  chances are that you may not be happy with the end result …

                                                            and by then it is too late !!


A good planner should be able to offer you the products and services to give you the

peace of mind and confidence that all elements of your big day are executed to perfection.

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